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OX machines are 100% electric material movers that make jobsite material transport safer and more efficient. These machines have been developed as a direct result of on-site experience and recognizing the underserved gap between hand tools and large equipment. Addition of Ox units to your fleet allows re-allocation of other assets to improve your bottom line.

Where you can GET THE OX!
Want to spend more time on the quality part of your job vs moving material? With a 1,000 lb. payload, BabyOx can help. Imagine a crew that can focus more on quality of your finished product versus being worn out before the day is done. BabyOx wants to join your team. Ever been tasked with moving a tree, boulder, planter, or other heavy item and have to wait for more help. With the Ox, you can raise the bed to 90°, secure the item to the bed, lower it back to stabilize the load, and transport on your own. Let’s get it done!

Ox by Vinergy products are made in the USA by Vinergy Inc. and distributed by Vinergy Inc. and/or Absolute Distribution LLC. Absolute Equipment Sales LLC is an authorized dealer for Absolute Distribution LLC.

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