Connect any 24V Controller to Valves, Pumps, and Flow-Sensors With NO Wires
Our product are designed to change an existing irrigation setup to a wireless system. Controllers can be connected to the valves, pumps and other controllers without any wires in between. Same controller, same valves, pumps and flow-sensors, but NO MORE wires. Connect only ONE or multiple valves to any 24V controller including (even a 2-wire system) and save the trouble of digging and trenching. Connect a 'Node" operated valve to a controller and stop dealing with changing the batteries. No more damage to irrigation and other electrical devices due to lightning strike. Transmitter is connected to the controller and receiver is connected to the valve (or pump). Once the zone is activated and power is applied to the transmitter, the transmitter sends a signal to Receiver to activate the valve or pump. There is no programming needed, no configuration, just simple plug & play. Once the zone is off, the transmitter goes off and valve or pump shuts down.


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