Transforming the World Through Biotechnology . 
With 100% natural products for domestic or professional plant cultivation, BioFink offers XAXIM POTS: a sustainable and ecological pot made from vegetable fibers discarded in crops and production processes from Brazil. We are a biotechnology company driven to sustainability and our business is currently structured in three main areas: research and development of new materials, industrialization of products intended for the preservation of flora and industrialization of products intended for the preservation of water. The breadth of our business gives us a verticalization differential, which makes us very competitive in the markets in which we operate. Innovation is the engine for the development of our business and our effort to perpetuate it.

Sustainability and economic viability are the parameters that guide our performance, as we understand that without economic viability there is no investment in sustainability. In other words, our products stand out for innovation and, above all, for accomplishing what competitors do, surpassing them in efficiency and cost. The development of new materials in our business always has the same starting point: the development of new materials from renewable raw material sources. We reuse uncomfortable waste in other production processes and generate value from it. Our vision of the future is to be, by the end of this decade, a reference in the development and application of innovative products, from renewable sources and capable of solving environmental problems through applied biotechnology .

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