Eggemeyer Land Clearing

Commercial grinding, clearing and debris removal
Eggemeyer Land Clearing, LLC has been in commercial land clearing and grinding for over 14 years. We have and still work for the most respected contractors in south and central Texas. Eggemeyer Land Clearing, LLC has and will always work by the basic principle of doing a great job at a fair price by working hard for a person or business. By staying true to these principles, we have worked for our same customers repeatedly and work for new customers continuously. We not only have the largest and most productive equipment in this business but we have the knowledgeable personnel to make our company the best of its kind. We employ the right people and use the appropriate equipment for all of our projects. We strive to keep our company at top performance. We are a versatile company when it comes to grinding and land clearing. We perform a multitude of services that include but are not limited to clearing for new and existing highways, new golf courses for commercial developments, subdivisions for home developers, bridges, and small single lots.

Address:   333 North Solms Rd New Braunfels, TX 78132
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Phone:  (830) 608-1900   FAX:  (830) 608-1970


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