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Pulsed Xenon Lighting -- How does Pulsed Xenon Lighting provide as much light as typical lighting technology? When it comes to light, there are several factors that need to be understood. These factors are spectrum, brightness and intensity. Plants utilize the spectrum of light differently at different stages of growth. Brightness is how our eyes perceive light, and it is not a physical quality. Intensity is the power of light per a defined area. It is the intensity of the lighting source that provides the photons to effectively trigger and drive photosynthesis processes.

As science advances and paradigms shift, the knowledge about the relationship of a plant to its environment continues to develop. The idea that a plant is able to process short repetitive burst of light has been an unfamiliar concept. Scientist have studied plant’s ability and reaction to light and are now beginning to recognize and understand the capacity of a plant to process photons of light that has a spectrum similar to natural sunlight. In the study of “sunflecks” it’s apparent that light delivered to a plant can be processed rapidly.

After 6 years of research and development, Firefly-One™ is proud to introduce a horticulture strobe light that actually mimics natural sunflecks, while significantly more efficient compared to all HPS and LED lights on the market.

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