a distributor of Easy-Fill™ grow bags.
GROWinBAG™ is an international distributor of Easy-Fill™ grow bags, an Australian designed grow bag invented by family owned company, WHS Australia, who have manufactured Easy-Fill ™ grow bags for more than 20 years. Easy-Fill™ grow bags are heavy duty and made from high quality raw materials with UV additives for durability and extra strength handles for easy maneuverability. Easy-Fill™ grow bags have special root pruning qualities that will promote a healthier, more fibrous root system and prevent root circling within the bag. Substrate (potting mix) in the Easy-Fill™ grow bags can be controlled and kept free from ground contaminants and planting with Easy-Fill™ grow bags will save you water.

Grow Bag

Empowering your plants & tree to grow better.
GROWinBAG™ is a USA distributor of GROWinBAG™ grow bags; the highest quality heavy duty grow bags available. The GROWinBAG™ grow bags are manufactured to suit all the USA regions and climates.

  • GROWinBAG™ grow bags are made from top quality prime virgin materials. Our grow bags have been tested in the harshest climates from the sub-zero temperatures of the North American winter to the extreme heat of the South West desert region.
  • All components including sewing thread are UV stabilized for strength and durability and all grow bags are subject to strict quality controls.
  • GROWinBAG™ grow bags have a round bottom design which makes for easy filling and stability.
  • GROWinBAG™ grow bags are manufactured with additional side drainage holes which assist in air root pruning, promoting superior plant growth and preventing root circling within the grow bag.
  • Substrates in the grow bags can be controlled and kept free from ground contaminants.
  • Growing with grow bags will save water and can be used with drip systems, overheads and hydroponic flood trays.
  • GROWinBAG™ grow bags are heavy duty with extra strength handles for easy manoeuvrability, thereby reducing the risk of back injuries.
  • GROWinBAG™ grow bags can be made to any size or shape to suit any requirements and can also be printed with a personal company logo or trademark.

Easy-Fill™ grow bags are manufactured to suit all climates and zones. With more than 20 million Easy-Fill™ grow bags sold in over 20 countries, you can be confident that Easy-Fill™ grow bags are the reliable choice for all our customers over many years world wide.

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