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Natures Finest Nutrients -- Our mission is to produce professional grade,100% plant-based organic fertilizers, suitable for soil or foliar applications. Our products are designed to help correct nutrient deficiencies in your soil or plant, stimulate plant growth and increase the soil's microbial populations. Premium ingredients lead to healthier plants with vigorous root and plant growth and improved resistance to disease.

Mother Nature’s Nutrient Source
Enhanced Plant Uptake 38% L-Amino Acids Premium Organic Fertilizer --- CSL+ is an innovative organic blend of L-Amino Acids from a combination of soy protein hydrolysate and corn steep liquor. This cutting-edge formulation provides a plethora of benefits from Fulvic and other beneficial organic acids, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, hormones and sugars.

CSL+ is Mother Nature’s highly-bioavailable nutrient source with outstanding uptake efficiency effectively increasing the plant-available N-P-K chemical analysis over other fertilizers that is excellent for any program - conventional, sustainable or organic.

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