Plantiful Technologies

Modern software built for plant growers & wholesalers ... Flexible, powerful, and easy to use  
Plantiful’s mission is to make the world a greener place by empowering plant growers & wholesalers to optimize their ecological & financial profiles using modern software solutions. Plantiful’s vision is to become the end-to-end solution provider to power plant growers' & wholesalers' workflows. Plantiful will give operators greater business visibility, help drive net new sales, & improve margins, enabling them to bring more plants into people’s lives.

Customizable inventory tracking
Live, exportable, tablet & mobile friendly production tracking. Easily track and update all key production information from locations & quantities to sizes & ready dates.

Integrated sales orders, availability, production, and picking -- Real time updates to availability. Complete visibility into sales orders. Automatically generated pick tickets allow picking both by order or in bulk.

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