Airtec Sprayers

Specialize in low volume spraying equipment
Airtec Sprayers was established in 1992 with a mission to provide our customers with a sprayer that efficiently uses chemicals, reduces labor and machine time. This mission led to the development of the Airtec Airboom System. Since then, Airtec has become an industry leader in Low Volume Spraying technology. We specialize in low volume spraying equipment for a variety of applications including fruit, vegetables, nurseries and golf courses. Some of our customers have been able to reduce chemical usage by as much as 50% while achieving the same or better results as a traditional sprayer.


Airtec has a wide range of Airboom delivery systems. For bedded crops such as- peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and melons, we can design and build a boom up to 110 ft. with any nozzle configuration. For Citrus and Orchard applications we have developed a tower system that can be designed to accommodate height for different tree size applications. We also specialize in building cannon type sprayers for ornamental trees, nurseries, vineyards as well as blueberries. Airtec can design many different types of Airbooms, Cannon, and Orchard head configurations to suit each unique need.

Airtec Sprayer is proud to represent Superior Aqua's Copper Ionization Systems for Agriculture applications. Copper Ionization is used in many different applications from bacteria control in fruit and vegetable wash tanks to scale build up and bacteria control in greenhouses. Copper Ionization can also be used on spraying equipment to positively charge the spray material to help control spray drift and coverage and is an option available on all our sprayer models. We can design a variety of different system configurations to accommodate any size operation.

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