Organic Specialist since 1957.  
Garden-Ville specializes in producing STA Certified gardening products including compost, soil, and mulch, produced by diverting and recycling green waste, brush, tree trimmings, fruits and vegetable matter from the Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) landfill and utilizing these resources in the production process. Garden-Ville also carries gardening supplies, gifts, pottery and art.The Garden-Ville RestoreDecor retail line is made from all recycled and repurposed materials diverted from the TDS landfill to create birdhouses, dog houses, metal art, fire pits and much more. We believe it is our responsibility to set the example as stewards of the environment by offering products that are produced from recycled materials to create quality lawn products and unique gardening features. TDS, an affiliated company of Garden-Ville, makes these efforts possible through the recycling, composting and diversion operations. Garden-Ville is headquartered in Austin, Texas with 7 retail locations across Central Texas.

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