Sustainable Products with People and Planet in Mind
Innovative plant health and sustainability are at the root of everything we do. Two decades ago, Arborjet took on the quest of sustainability. Our mission was, and continues to be, to protect and preserve the planet’s trees. Equally important to us is using an innovative method that would have the least environmental impact. This has allowed us to save over one million trees from pests and disease.

Revolutionary Plant Health Solutions
Arborjet is the world leader in tree injection technology, an environmentally friendly method that protects trees from pests and diseases. Founded in 2000, our company has since expanded to include a line of natural, organic plant health care products that address plant needs from soil to crown. We are dedicated to researching the latest environmental issues and developing technologically-advanced equipment and formulations that protect our trees and plants in a sustainable way. We also take great pride in philanthropy and have supported the green industry by providing education, grants, scholarships, and donated treatments across the country.

Arborjet acquired a majority interest in Ecologel Solutions, LLC to further expand our lineup of environmentally responsible plant health care products. Ecologel is a premier developer and manufacturer of innovative products for water conservation, dust mitigation, plant nutrition, pond and lake management, and anti-fungal coatings.

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