Hoffman Nursery

WE GROW GOOD GRASS® .... A wholesale nursery providing ornamental and native grass liners since 1986.  
Hoffman Nursery specializes in producing top quality, ornamental and native grass liners for the wholesale trade. Our customers include a broad range of the horticultural industry from local garden centers and landscapers to large-scale wholesale nurseries. Other clients include landscape design firms, municipalities, golf courses, and zoos.

AN EXPANDING VISION -- Our vision has broadened over the last three decades. Hoffman Nursery actively supports horticultural research, promotes environmental stewardship, and performs community service. Our partnerships strengthen Hoffman Nursery’s ties to the community and build our expertise. Projects with North Carolina State University faculty and students in the fields of Horticultural Science, Weed Science, Plant Pathology, Entomology, and Landscape Architecture keep us connected to the latest research. Tours, lectures, workdays, and internships for horticultural students introduce younger generations to the nursery industry. Grass donations and consulting on landscape projects with local schools, charities, public institutions, and student groups allow us to give back to our community.

Through education and by example, we encourage responsible stewardship. In our operations, Hoffman Nursery strives to reduce resource use and minimize our impact on the environment. We use best management practices and handle stormwater on site with green infrastructure features, such as buffer zones, bioretention, bioswales, and meadow plantings. We practice integrated pest management (IPM) and continually seek ways to reduce pesticide use. Nurturing the land on which we work and grow, reducing waste, composting, and recycling are nursery-wide priorities. We value the herons, mockingbirds, bluebirds, turtles, frogs, foxes, butterflies, bees, and other creatures that share the land with Hoffman Nursery. As we move forward, we remain committed to producing premium quality plants, to the nursery industry, and to our community. And we can’t forget visionaries and horticulturalists who paved the way for grasses and sedges to enter the nursery world. We are most grateful for the support of customers.

Address:     5520 Bahama Rd, Rougemont, NC 27572
Email:    sales@hoffmannursery.com
Contact:   John Hoffman
Phone:    (919) 479-6620   FAX:  919-471-3100


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