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Feeding the world for over 90 years
Riceland Foods and its family farmers have provided the world with wholesome, nutritious rice since 1921. Grown in the United States, our rice is known for its high quality and versatility, and that's why Riceland has become a trusted brand around the globe. Riceland is a unique company. We're a cooperative, which means we are owned by our 5,500 family farmer members who are also our stockholders and growers.

PBH Rice Hulls

PBH Nature's Media Amendment is a natural co-product of rice offering nursery and greenhouse growers many advantages. A product of Riceland Foods, Inc., PBH rice hulls are uniquely processed and parboiled to verify purity and cleanliness.  

In the nursery, PBH is used as a container topdress to help prevent weed seed germination and growth. A layer of 1 to 2 inches of PBH rice hulls prevents air-borne weed seeds from reaching the growing mix and germinating. This not only manages weeds, including liverwort, but can also reduce herbicide use, reduce phytotoxicity in herbicide-sensitive plants, dramatically decrease hand weeding and reduce watering and drought stress. All for just pennies per container. 

In the greenhouse, PBH rice hulls are used as a perlite replacement to create optimum porosity and drainage. PBH rice hulls are dramatically less dusty, provide a more natural color and available at a lower basic cost than perlite. Available in 30-cubic-foot bales or 50-pound bags.

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