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Advanced Nimble Trailer System.  
Davis Village Solutions is introducing the Advanced Nimble Trailer System, which increases productivity and efficiency by utilizing a unique, hydraulic powered, live bottom, tilt trailer for hauling and dispersing material and equipment. This system makes it possible to transport multiple types of material in one load and has the ability to self-load and off load some materials and equipment to and from the ground. Can be operated remotely with an optional wireless remote control that makes this system even more nimble and versatile. A real game changer in trailer systems.

In addition to the ANTs we are also introducing the Rock Mantis rock picker which is a self propelled machine that windrows, picks, screens places the rocks into a 10CY cart that can then be dumped into a dump-truck or wagon to be removed from the field. This machine picks rock in a 20' wide swathe and can pick 15-50 acres of land per day.

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